Where can I teach with no degree?

People often assume that not having a degree is a big roadblock in ELT. In many cases, it’s true. There are a number of countries (such as Vietnam, China, Japan, Korea) which do not provide visas or allow foreigners to work as English teachers if they are not holders of a bachelor’s degree. This leads to many attempting to work illegally, which is never recommended as it can lead to expulsion and even legal proceedings.

That said, there are places where you can teach English without a degree. International TEFL Academy has a good article detailing locations which you can teach English without needing a degree, including Mexico, Cambodia, Costa Rica, Argentina, Spain, and Russia. Clearly, these are all desirable destinations which have something to offer and allow you to experience a completely different lifestyle, while in many cases making good money. It’s likely however, that in all of these cases you will need a good quality TEFL certificate.

There are also the options of beginning by seeking intern or voluntary work and building up your skill sets before obtaining a paid position. If this doesn’t appeal, another option that people rarely consider is to obtain a bachelor’s degree abroad – this can be more affordable and there are many scholarship opportunities worldwide. One more alternative can be to obtain a bachelor’s degree through distance education, learning online. This can allow you to meet the qualifications required and also choose a relevant degree which doesn’t cost too much and doesn’t require you to live on campus.

In short, there is no reason that you can’t teach English abroad or teach English as a foreign language without a bachelor’s degree – although you will find that there are some opportunities not available to you. If you plan to aim for a long term career in TEFL, then I’d recommend looking into obtaining a bachelor’s degree in education or English language.