Where can I teach English as a Non-Native Speaker?

Can I teach English as a non-native speaker?
You absolutely can teach English as a non-native speaker. As a non-native speaker, as long as you have the prerequisite level of English ability, you bring a whole different dimension to the classroom. You will likely have a greater understanding of the challenges of learning English and the areas of difficulty that students encounter. You will be able to share your experiences and have insight into more than one language. You may however, face more difficulty in finding jobs in certain parts of the world, and this can be a challenge.

Where can I teach English as a non-native speaker?
You may be able to find work teaching English as a non-native speaker in many countries. You could be excluded from some roles or some nations, exchange or teaching programmes based on this though. It’s a little complicated as it often can depend on citizenship and the language through which you were educated, rather than your official first language. The best thing to do is research thoroughly before you begin your job search .