What TEFL Certificates are there?

There are so many TEFL Certificates as to make the mind boggle. It seems that no matter where you go or what you’re looking for, you’ll find it difficult to know which qualification to go for.
Luckily, we’re here to help. A TEFL Certificate may be online, in-person, or blended (a mixture of both). While all of these approaches have their advantages, you will need to research potential employers and see what kinds of qualifications they’re looking for and what fits your goals. Some employers for example, may ask for an in-person qualification with a minimum number of hours of assessed teaching practice, while others may ask only for a short online certification to ensure that you know the basics.

While people will often criticize different forms of TEFL certificate, each form has its own applicability. For a short term, voluntary position, you may only need a short online certificate to demonstrate that you have a grasp of fundamental principles of language teaching. If you’re about to begin  longer career in paid work, you might need something more developed and in more detail than this.

There are a few things to consider. One of these is accreditation – you’ll want to find a certificate that has been shown as meeting the educational standards of an accrediting body. You’ll also need to research the accrediting body and see how long ago it was set up, what it accredits, and its purposes. This ensure that you will get a TEFL certificate which provides quality and value for money.

The next thing you’ll need to think about is budget. This doesn’t necessarily mean the cheapest one. It can be tempting to find the cheapest TEFL Certificate in order to save some spending money, but this can, if you’re not careful, be false economy. You want to choose the correct certificate for you, not the cheapest one, so weigh up carefully the options (the cheapest might also be the best one – this isn’t always a clear relationship). Just remember that you should choose the one that fits your goals and what you want right now. You can also think about whether you can add to the certificate later on with additional modules (such as a Young Learner or Business English add-on).
Shop around and do your market research before you choose one specific provider. Look at job adverts, curriculums, syllabi, and benefits of each provider and then make an informed decision.