What should I do after coming back from teaching English abroad?

After coming back from teaching abroad you may feel at something of a loss over what’s next. The reality is that there are many different options you can explore. While you could embark on a new career, engage in further training, or specialise in a new area, there are also lots of opportunities using your current existing skills. The most obvious of these is continuing to teach English – in cities like Brighton, Oxford and Cambridge there is a thriving year round market for English teaching with many professional organisations who offer great careers for teachers, with progression to management roles and beyond. In London, and elsewhere, you could look into being involved in academic publishing, or working at colleges, language centres, and universities. There is also the possibility to teach in correctional facilities such as prisons around the country. In addition to this, there is entrepreneurship – setting up your own business or language school. Then there is the chance of becoming a school teacher or further education lecturer. These are all viable options which will require minimal retraining, if any!

So if you’re coming back to your home country after teaching English abroad, and aren’t sure what direction to take things in, try exploring one of these options above and see what takes your fancy – the sky’s the limit.