Vloggers With Great Content for the Classroom

Vloggers With Great Content for the Classroom

Vlogs are a cool way to engage students in real-life English, and they have a number of advantages. Not only are vlogs examples of authentic English language in use, they’re also free and widely accessible, easy to understand, updated in real-time, and entertaining! The perfect teaching resource.

While I’m not suggesting that you plan an entire lesson around watching a 45-minute vlog and then discussing it, using vlogs as a warm-up activity to activate schemata, or as a listening comprehension activity is a very useful string to add to your bow. Here are some of my favourites vloggers and vlogs that you might consider incorporating in your language classroom.
NB: These are suitable for higher level, let’s say B1+, adult or student learners.

Vlogger: Casey Neistat
Favourite Episode: Auto-Lacing Nikes

Casey Neistat is probably the most famous vlogger in the world, and a lot of you might have heard of him. He produces self-described ‘family-friendly’ blogs about his exploits in New York and abroad. Lots of tech, travel, and product reviews feature here, as well as commentary on modern topics in the news and even politics. You can probably find a Neistat vlog to cover any topic, but if you’re teaching around the topics of technology or the Internet, you’d be hard pressed to find better material.
My favourite episode is probably the self-lacing Nike shoes, or the $21,000 Airplane Seat (good for a debate on money and value!)
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Vlogger: Mark Wiens
Favourite Episode: Bhutanese Indian Food

Mark Wiens puts together excellent food and travel blogs, so if you’re ever teaching around those topics or want to introduce your students to some exotic locations, Wiens’ videos are a good way of doing so. There’s a lot of informative info about different cultures, traditions, and cuisines. My favourite episode is about Bhutan; a very interesting, and lesser known nation.
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Vlogger: Pocketful of Primary
Favourite Episode: 20 Tips for New Teachers

Ok, so maybe this one is a little self-indulgent. But we think it’s definitely worth giving your students an insight into what it’s like being a teacher, and get them thinking and reflecting on the learning process, who a teacher is, and their roles as students. Check out Pocketful of Primary for hundreds of blogs on what really matters – life as a teacher!

If you’ve got a favourite that we haven’t listed, please comment below – we’re all here to help one another.