TEFL Courses: Does everyone pass, do I need textbooks, and will I get a job?

Does everyone pass a TEFL course?

No, it’s certainly not always a pay to pass thing. There are high pass rates, but this doesn’t mean it’s easy and everyone passes. It means that the people who take TEFL qualifications are generally motivated, invested, and intelligent individuals who want to complete their course. There are of course people who drop out of courses or decide that it isn’t for them.

Do I need to buy textbooks for a TEFL course?

No, not usually. In some cases you will be referred to core texts, famous works, and other readings will be supplied throughout your course. It’s rare however, for a reading list to be given that requires the purchase of separate course books.

Will a TEFL certificate definitely get me a job?

No, it won’t definitely get you a job. The thing is that it will certainly improve your chances of getting a job, and it will equip you with the skills that you need to do the job well!

It’s also important to recognise that the demand for teaching English is very high, so if you complete a recognised course you will have an excellent chance of finding not only a job, but a good job that you’re happy to do!