Is English an easy language to learn?

“Learning English is so hard!” is a common statement from students in the English classroom. Is it true? The answer is that it depends on your first language to a large extent. If your first language is similar to English then it logically seems that it’d be easier for you to learn it, especially if there are many cognates.

But, learning English may be seen as an easy language to learn for several reasons. Some say that English is an easy language to learn as there is such an abundance of resources available, and we agree. English is also a gender neutral language, in contrast to Spanish or German.

On the other hand, English spelling is particularly tricky, as is the pronunciation and stress-timed nature of the language. If you are a native speaker of a syllable-timed language, or your students are native speakers of a syllable-timed language, then it may be more difficult.

Ultimately, there’s an easy way to sum up the answer to this question – it’s all relative!