How much does TEFL pay in the UK?

A bit of a tricky question. There are a range of interesting roles related to TEFL in the UK, including teaching summer courses, working in prisons, working in further education institutions, working at private language centres or working freelance online.

To put it simply, most of the time a full-time EFL or TEFL job seems to pay equivalent to approximately 20,000 – 25,000 GBP Per year. For a job like an ESOL lecturer at a university, you might be more in the region of 30,000 – 40,000 GBP per year, but of course you need higher qualifications for those sorts of roles. For a director of studies, you might similarly land in the 35 – 40,000 mark. Hourly rates seem to be, from my research, between 20 and 40 pounds per hour. If you teach online, you could make as little as 8 GBP per hour, or possibly even less – but you would have the flexibility to do it as additional work, or equally, you could work many hours scheduled flexibly around your life.

Other interesting roles include in ELT publishing of course books, where there are roles like commissioning editor, senior editor, and even business development – after all, no one knows the products better than someone who’s taught with them.

Put simply, there are few roles that will pay very high salaries in ELT in the UK, but there are certainly many roles that pay far above the average income. There are also many opportunities to cross over into different fields of publishing, academia, or even independent business ownership, so it’s far from a dead-end job.