How can I teach English as a foreign language to beginners?

Teaching beginner’s classes (whether false or absolute beginner) is always a tricky one, particularly if you don’t speak the L1 (the first language of your learners), or you have classes with mixed L1s. Most teachers agree that the first thing that you need to do is build a solid base of vocabulary, and introductory functions. Many coursebooks for beginners are built around functions such as greetings, goodbyes, and asking everyday questions. This can then later move into topics such as ‘about you’, or ‘family’ and communicating everyday information. Only when there is enough of a foundation in the foreign language can you then begin to develop more complex metalanguage and discuss less common topics. The key thing would be to take it slow, use resources that are appropriate to the level, incorporate a lot of communication and pronunciation practice, and find a suitable coursebook that suits your learners. This can be done by undertaking a Needs Analysis before you begin the course.