How can I find a job teaching Young Learners English?

Classes for Young Learners (YL) and Very Young Learners (VYL) are on the rise. This is because it’s increasingly seen as important to have a high level of English proficiency to take advantage of career and educational opportunities later in life, given the worldwide recognition of English as a global language.

This has led to a boom in children’s English centres, and presents a range of great and lucrative job opportunities to the right candidate.

The first thing to consider is taking further or specialised qualifications in teaching English to this age group, as young learners require a distinct approach and methodology. This has led to several specialised qualifications and qualification add-ons which help teachers become certified teachers of Young Learners.

The second thing to do is to make sure you meet local government requirements to work with children – this will often involve an extended police check and background check when processing your visa or working permit.
You will want to find a reputable centre which takes care of its learners and has strict policies and procedures for looking after children, including health and safety. This can be easier said than done in some developing nations, so it’s your responsibility to work for a place that is operating professionally.

Many jobs for young learners can be found on both job boards, social media outlets, and through international recruiters and recruitment agencies.