Can a TEFL Certificate get me a job at an international school?

A TEFL Certificate is an excellent way to get started teaching English as a foreign language. That said, it is not likely that a TEFL Certificate in and of itself will get you a job at an international school. International schools have strict hiring criteria speaking generally, and will often ask their teachers to be licensed educators in their home country. If however, you already have the prerequisite qualifications, and are for example, a licensed teacher, then you will find that a TEFL Certificate can be an excellent addition when teaching in an international school. It will raise your awareness of issues encountered by second language speakers of English, particularly things like language interference. You will also have the chance to reflect on the way you use language and better understand how to communicate with second language speakers of English in the classroom. Overall, a TEFL Certificate on its own may not be enough to gain you a role in an international school, but it is certainly not without benefit.