About Us

About Us

TEFL Exchange Ltd was started by a group of long term-teachers of English as a foreign language. With a combined 10 years + experience throughout Asia, Europe, and elsewhere, we started this website to centralize the TEFL world. At the moment, there are many websites for new teachers who want to find their courses and get started, and some websites providing higher-level content and information for career teachers.

But we started out as newbies, finding the right info and choosing our TEFL Certificates online, looking for the most exotic destinations, and getting to grips with the job. Now we’re the ones looking for information on higher qualifications, career progression, and professional development.

We all start as newbies, so why should there be a divide? Why can’t one site have all the information and resources for both new teachers, and career professionals? That’s what drives TEFL Exchange.

Our mission is to become the world’s online meeting point for Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

To achieve this mission, TEFL Exchange is based on four principles:

1) To provide the best, most up-to-date, and accurate information and TEFL related content.

2) To offer excellent training and working opportunities to teachers worldwide.

3) To support a meeting room for teachers around the world to share and exchange information.

4) To promote that the experience of the students and professional teaching excellence ALWAYS comes first.

We support teachers by picking the certifications and companies that we think are some of the best in the industry, and handpicking the jobs that we promote on social media.

We try to produce a range of content, including professional development and high level academic content, along with less serious, fun and tongue-in-cheek content. We have been fortunate enough to have interviews with some of the thought-leaders in the industry, and we have also gained popularity and international media attention for our annual rankings of the best places to teach English abroad (which are just for fun!)

We recognise that TEFL as an industry needs to be inclusive and realistic, supporting excellent teaching and professionalism, but with a fun side too. We always stick by core principles that teaching comes first, as does providing the best opportunities for learning English to students.

We recognise that TEFL teachers don’t have to be career teachers. Some of us are, some of us aren’t. That doesn’t mean that we can’t all contribute to students’ learning and development in a positive and meaningful way.

As the TEFL market continues to grow, new and existing teachers will need a central meeting house. A lot of websites are already years out of date, and aren’t ready for the already-happening mobile revolution.  This is where we want to make our mark.

Unlike many sites, we don’t offer our own qualifications, which means we’re not trying to sell our own products. What we do is take a small commission from our partners, whom we select, because we believe in what they offer. This enables us to continue to run this website and achieve our mission.

If you want to be involved in TEFL Exchange, write for us, or contribute with a suggestion, please email us at hello@teflexchange.com.