5 Alternative Reasons to Teach in Thailand


So, you’re thinking of teaching in Thailand. We bet that every blog you’ve come across has boasted about beautiful beaches, delicious food and super friendly people… right? Well, these are three good reasons to go to Thailand, but they’re certainly not the only reasons. Here are five other reasons that the land of smiles could be the right fit for you.

1. It’s a good introduction to Asia (and TEFL)

Although living in Thailand comes with plenty of challenges, it is probably one of the easier Asian countries to adapt to for first-time teachers. Unlike some of the surrounding countries, the locals have been welcoming foreign visitors to their country for years, so you’ll usually receive a warm welcome and find plenty of English-speakers. There will also be minimal gawping at your unusual complexion or appearance as the Thai people have seen plenty of foreigners and rarely stop to stare. If, for some reason, you really like selfies with strangers or being part of street-side family photos, you’ll be better off in China or India.

2. It’s a home away from home

If you’re from a country far away from Asia, even the thought of moving all the way to Thailand may give you homesickness. But, Thailand is actually surprisingly easy to adapt to with plenty of home comforts at hand. You’ll find shopping centres with international brands, cuisine from all over the world (which will hopefully include restaurants serving food from your home country) and cinemas with English-speaking movies. So, while you might get a tuk-tuk to town or enjoy a Pad Thai for lunch, there will always be a slice of life from home too. However, this is usually only true of big cities, small towns are unlikely to have H&M or McDonalds…

3. The students

The teaching itself is great fun in Thailand. You won’t be teaching the overworked students that you might find in some of the more ‘serious studying’ countries, and you won’t be chasing the contrary kids of Western countries either. Of course, kids can still be naughty or lazy, just like everywhere else in the world, and the adults can be just as difficult too. However, in general, Thai students aren’t shy, they’re willing to get involved with games and activities, and they have a good sense of humour. You can make your lesson plans truly enjoyable and enjoy the fact that your students look forward to your class.

4. The celebrations

The Thai people really know how to party, and we don’t just mean pulling drunken shapes in the clubs. In Thailand, many of the traditional celebrations and countrywide events are celebrated in style. For example, where most Western countries spend their new year’s eve staring in awe at underwhelming fireworks, the Thai folk celebrate the (Chinese) new year with a three-day water fight in April.

5. Thai massages and foot fish

It may not be the number one reason to move to Thailand, but it is certainly a bonus. Thai massages are know to be one of the best in the world, and Thai massages in Thailand are even better. If massages don’t float your boat, you can try the famous ‘foot fish’ instead. Simply dip your feet into a tank of tiny hungry fish and they will nibble away all your lovely dead skin. Mmm! If that doesn’t persuade you to move to Thailand, what will!?