5 Adventures You Need To Have In The Philippines


The tourism slogan of the Philippines is ‘It’s more fun in the Philippines!’. We’re not sure what they’re talking about exactly, but we’re inclined to agree.
With more than 7,000 islands to visit in the country, you’ll also never run out of places to visit. Whether you’re into breathtaking natural wonders, awesome beaches, or historical places, here are some of the “must-see” places in the Philippines.

1. Banaue Rice Terraces

Fields of Gold
Photo Credit © momo | Flickr
Known as the staircase to heaven, the Banaue Rice Terraces is a heritage site in the Philippines. The Ifugao tribe carved these rice terraces along the edges of steep mountain ranges around 2,000 years ago. Even though there are other rice terraces around Asia, the Banaue Rice Terraces stands out as the best of the best. It’s truly a breathtaking site. When you first see the terraces, it’s kind of like seeing a giant staircase, reaching up to the clouds. Whether you’re in the Philippines to teach, work, or travel, this is a must do.

2. Mayon Volcano

Photo Credit © Amiel Lamit | Wikimedia
The Mayon Volcano isn’t just a volcano. It’s a very shapely, curvy, and symmetrical volcano. That’s right. It’s touted as the only volcano in the world with an almost perfect cone. Stretching up to almost 2,400 meters above sea level, and classified as a ‘very active’ volcano that gets agitated every decade, this is a place to get exploring…if you’re brave enough. A “must-see” site when you visit Mayon Volcano is the Cagsawa Church’s belfry, a vestige left of a town that was buried by the wrath of the Volcano during its 1814 eruption. Just enjoy the sights and pray there’s no repeat while you’re there.

3. Boracay Beach

Saturday are for adventure.SUP to the magical sunset in Boracay Island, Philippines. What a magnificent view. Awesome weekend. #SUP #boracay #sunset #gopro #hero #weekend
Photo Credit © Hairi | Flickr
If you know anything about the Philippines, you’ll have heard of Boracay. Touted as one of the finest beaches in the world, Boracay beach is one of the few places we’d happily build a hut and stay forever. It’s that damn pretty. Because of its fine sand, even during midday it won’t burn your feet! It’s a little like there’s  a huge AC unit under the sand. Boracay can be a bit of a tourist trap, but we think it’s worth it. Great hotels, water sports facilities, and of course bars and restaurants make it a very comfortable place to be. Search Boracay on Insta or Twitter and you’ll see what we’re getting at. People hold up the Maldives as the king of beaches. We think Boracay is better.

4. Underground River of Puerto Princesa (and other Islands of Palawan)

Another group leaves
Photo Credit © shankar s. | Flickr
Palawan is considered to be one of the most beautiful islands in the world. One of its major attractions is the Underground River of Puerto Princesa. That’s right, a river underground. We’re not sure how that works either. But anyway, it’s known as one of the New Seven Natural Wonders of the World, the subterranean river runs under a protected cave that stretches almost 8.2 kilometres. For cave lovers and adventurers, there’s no place better. Other islands of Palawan include those of Coron Islands which boast the best wreck-diving sites in the world. And if you get bored of diving, cave exploring, and all that stuff, then great beaches line the edges of Palawan too, perfect for a break and a few hours chilling in the sun.

5. Tubbataha Reef of Sulu Sea

tubbataha- lighthouse- table coral in red
Photo Credit © q phia | Flickr
Our number 5 is one of the most awesome places to go diving, with incredible, diverse marine life. Recognised as a National Marine Park, the reef consists of two atolls that are separated by a 5-kilometer wide channel. Between the months of April and June, you can enjoy a booked diving experience along this reef. Take a break and book your summer holidays for the Tubbatha Reef. You won’t regret it.

So there you have it. Five of the best places to visit in the Philippines. The Philippines is one of our favourite countries, and we think the nature, beauty, and beaches make it one of the best destinations for working abroad. Demand for teaching is stable, costs are fairly low, and there’s a fascinating history, cuisine, and culture – not to mention the fact that people are friendly and hospitable. Look, the Philippines has had a bad rap in the news lately (we all know what I’m talking about) but look past that, and you’ll find a destination with a lot to offer for both work and travel.