Private Tutoring?

Reuben asked 2 years ago

Thanks for taking the time to set this up! I wish to know more about how to find work as a private English tutor. I am confident I have more to offer in 1-on-1 classes with students (of any ages). Please advise me how to let students/schools/parents know I am available for such work.

Thanks very much!

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TEFL Exchange Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi Reuben, 
I understand, 1-1 classes are often rewarding and enable you to focus more on teaching than classroom control. 

In terms of developing your client base for tutoring, think of it like a business. Things that you can realistically do include Facebook Pay Per Click advertising (if it’s in a different language, you’ll need someone to assist you) but also reaching out directly to schools and asking if you can put up advertisements, or using your professional network.

Most people I know who move into private tutoring full-time utilise their contacts from working at a school, and end up offering private tutoring after class. You could also consider putting up posters in local cafes, university noticeboards, and Facebook. 

Really you’ll have to use some initiative and probably a little start-up capital to get the ball rolling. Facebook adverts are a great way of doing this, where you set a budget of a small amount, maybe just $50, and see if people reach out to contact you. Otherwise, think about what professional networks you have and how you can use them – do you work at a school? Would your school allow you to advertise? Are you brave enough to approach some schools and set up a relationship? It’s definitely possible to build up a freelance, 1-1 teacher business, but it will require a few hours putting in the groundwork to get your name out there.

Hope this helps.