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Emma Cochrane asked 2 years ago

Hey guys! In need of a bit of advice, please. My partner and I are planning to move to Vietnam in 2 weeks. We are currently ESL teachers in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Initially, we were drawn to Da Nang, as we are not so keen on the chaos of big cities, but we’ve since found out that it can be quite tricky to get jobs there and that they don’t pay very well. So, I have some questions about Hanoi, and I hope someone would be kind enough to advise me about the city:-
What’s the pay like for someone with a Bachelor of Education, a TEFL cert. and loads of experience? Is it better to get part-time work or full-time? (It seems that if you work part-time at many centers, you could earn more?) Can you get work if you have a TEFL cert. and experience but not a university degree? If yes, what’s the pay like? And finally (sorry about all the questions), is the city very busy? (What’s the traffic like? Is it as chaotic as I’m assuming? Is it hard to get around?)

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Granto answered 2 years ago

Hey. – With your level of experience, I\’d look for a job paying in the region of $20 – $25 per hour for part time, or $1800 – $2200 net for a full time position. You hold the qualifications for a work permit in Vietnam, so it should be OK for you to get a job with one of the larger, good quality centers in Hanoi. It\’d be better to find a full time position with a work permit and residence card or visa, otherwise you\’ll be renewing your visa every few months and that can be quite costly. You could earn more but paying to leave the country and renew your visa, plus the fact that your money is earned illegally, make it a less appealing option. – If you have a TEFL Cert and no university degree you\’ll get part time work, but it\’ll be difficult to find full time work at good centers. There has been an increase in people trying to use fake university degrees from Thailand, but companies are now getting wise to this and if you get caught then of course you\’re in a lot of trouble. Because you need a degree, you\’ll find no degree = only part time work, but that\’s OK. It\’s still possible to live well and get enough money to live and save. – If you have a BEd then you should consider working at an international school, where you\’ll get good pay and benefits. There are a couple of international schools around in Danang – Singapore International School and Green Shoots in Hoi An. Maybe try those. – In terms of traffic, yes, Hanoi and HCMC are both pretty crazy. More people now own cars and it means traffic is busy and rush hour is getting worse. It\’s not hard to get around if you rent a motorbike, but you should get a license or your insurance will be invalid. Buses are quite good, taxis are cheap, and you can always Grabbike and Uber, or live close to your workplace. Most people don\’t have a license, but to be honest that\’s playing with fire. If you get in a crash, it\’ll be bad.  My advice to you would be to check out the international schools in Danang and Hoi An if that\’s where you want to live.